Customers who are less confident of their soldering ability can construct a presoldered kit, which lets them skip the parts of the assembly process which require greater precision. Please note that presoldered kits still do require soldering the switches, but this is much easier to do than the regular kits.

The switches are purely mechanical and do not contain any electronics in them. Because of this, they are not susceptible to overheating from the soldering iron like the controller and diodes are. This means that it's nearly impossible to accidentally damage the switches by being careless with the iron. Soldering the switches requires making two solder joints per switch, which can be done in under half an hour.

In fact, it's such an easy process that a child can do it.

Other steps not shown in the video: finishing the wood case, snapping in the keycaps, attaching the screws, USB cable, and the rubber feet.

Order a presoldered kit here.

"Coherence" song copyright © 2007-2008,2012 Max McCracken; released under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license. Video released under the same license. Children should not solder without safety training and close supervision. (not pictured)