We are pleased to announce a collaboration with our friends at Keyboardio: the Keyboardio Atreus!


The Atreus's mechanical switches enjoy great popularity among keyboard enthusiasts for their precise, crisp action. Most keyboards use a layer of cheap rubber to provide resistance under the keys, but each of the key switches in the classic Atreus has its own separate spring.

Many other ergonomic keyboards offer a split design where each hand can be naturally positioned at a different angle, but most of them use the typewriter-era staggering where each row is shifted over a bit to allow the typewriter's striking arm to come up. Instead of doing this, the Atreus arranges keys with a vertical stagger to reflect the fact that the fingers of the human hand are of different lengths. It also places more keys within the reach of the thumbs.

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Because there are so few keys, typing relies on the fn key, which changes to a layer containing a numpad, arrows, and punctuation when held. A final layer contains function keys and other less-common keys, but the firmware is hackable and can be modified to do nearly anything.

Note that the Keyboardio Atreus has two extra keys and a slightly different layout.


Layers: letters | punctuation/digits | arrows/function

See the Keyboardio shop to get your hands on one of the new Atreus keyboards.

This site is kept up primarily as a resource for people who have bought the classic Atreus kit in the past. From time to time, a very limited number of wooden classic Atreus builds are available at a significantly higher price than the Keyboardio Atreus. If you would like to get on the wait list, please email